Sunday, July 29, 2007

So many bots... So little money

Well I've decided to not get a Manoi. I have been reading alot of posts from users around the web and it seems that he is a high maintenance little chap. Apparently adjusting the home position is critical to his performance and if I wanted to add mods this could get very tricky.

For now I want to get a Roboquad and a Homersapien, unfortunately I have around $0- to spare for such luxury items. I still have one more mod for the V2 that I need to get around to doing and then I will need a new bot to hack apart and have some fun with.

To get some instant satisfaction after my nightmare of a time with programming a PIC for a nixie project I pulled out some old valves I had lying around and made myself a nice little overdrive/distortion pedal.

So out of my Uni break "to do" list I managed to complete only one of my projects. Anyway as I said the last V2 hack is on it's way, it is quite a simple little hack but I think it will round off my V2's arsenal quite well.

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