Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100,000 HITS TODAY! + PIC Problems

Well first off I was surprised when I checked out my guest book today and found my site has cracked 100,000 visits. Hopefully there are alot more flamethrowing, coilgun wielding gizmos gracing our planet due to people visiting my site.

Still having problems with this damn 16f84a PIC I'm trying to program for my nixie projects and I've decided to give up!

I have bought another chip off a bloke called Wouter and paid him a little extra to drop the DAMN hex file onto the chip.

I could program the thing but when placed into the circuit it would not operate... After checking the circuit for the 5051st time I concluded that it was not the circuit and something about the programming method (eg. fuses etc..). I know the program works as a huge amount of people have used the same code for thier clocks.

After chaging all the values under the sun in every single PIC programming software I could get my hands on I gave up. I hate to give up but it was that or loosing my sanity! (whats left of it anyway!)

Once I get this watch and clock out of the way, I'll get back to some less frustrating electronic circuits for my bots that require, NO BLOODY PROGRAMMING.

Bad start to my first try at programming, I'm getting worried about getting a Basic Stamp module now if it is going to be this frustrating!!!


Robosapienv2 4mem8 said...

Hello Marcus, How are you. I will be in the same boat as you shortly as I will be trying to program my new BS2P40 in a new robot consisting of no fewer than 10 different sensors. These are all linked to a demo board plus a subsumption board, AArgh. Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

marcus i know you already have a coilgun and flamethrower on each arm but you should try dual flamethrowers and you were wondering what to do with that bot that just spins his arms to get up you should put a flamethrower in the front casing just use like wd 40 with a candle or something i am hopefully getting a v2 so i can do the flamethrower good luck man