Thursday, May 3, 2007

When I get a Manoi...

I try to keep up to date with the happenings on the Manoi front by visiting ROBOT DREAMS. As I was browsing around I came across an article describing how to use a wireless Playstation controller to control a Manoi AT01.
Yusuke Yumae developed at kit called the TEC-1, this converts the Playstaion output into a signal that works with RCB3 and RCB1 control boards.

Another adition I would love to have would be Manoi grippers which I also came across whilst on ROBOT DREAMS earlier today. The grippers were designed by Matt Baure and allow the Manoi to pick up small objects. Below is a video from TEMPUSMASTER showing off the grippers.

Until I can get my aching hands on a Manoi I have a few little projects to work on. Nocturnal has sent me a new speaker for my V2 which I will replace soon, I have had very poor sound from my V2 since I tore the speaker just after Christmas 2005. I have also finished repairing my steam engine and will be using that to power a simple robot. Finally, I still need to get some cash together to buy a basic stamp module for the "Flipbot Project" and learn to program in PBasic.

Uni holidays hit in a few weeks so keep popping back.

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scott said...

hey Marcus- steam engine?! Live steam? I dabble in that myself, have a lokie (1:20.3 scale), a PM Research engine and a half constructed twin-V wobbler. And a Midwest boiler in a steam launch, not quite ready for the open seas. Send/post some pix!
cheers- Scott (milw on RoboCommunity)