Sunday, May 20, 2007

FlyTech Dragonfly arrives... What to do?

Thanks to the folks at Wowwee, I now have myself a brand new FlyTech Dragonfly for being part of the RS Media suite Beta testing program.
I'm low on batteries at the moment, so I'll have to wait until I get some to fire the bug up and give it a fly. Looking at the size of the little guy though I'm sure there is room for at least one little hack?
I'm Not quite sure what yet, but as most of you know; If I can fit in a flamethrower I will.

Everything is better with fire!


Anonymous said...

how do u bild that coz then i can get my bro back lol nar but how

Marcus said...

I didn't build it, I just photoshopped a flame comming out of his mouth.

Putting a flame thrower on the front of him like that is a bad idea as when he ius flying you would melt him. It would need to be at the back of him somewhere.
Problem is it will add to much weight. I had a play aroung and decided not to try.