Friday, April 20, 2007

Steam Robot from Strenco & My Mamod Minor 2

Right now that my friend over at Crabfu has reignited my passion for steam engines I pulled out my old Mamod Minor 2 steam engine I bought years ago and set about fixing it up. I have had to repair two tears in the boiler caused from my stupidity attempting a hack on the damn thing when I bought it. I'm still a way off and it is not going to win any prizes for the nicest looking restoration.

When I get it running I've got a little project lined up for it on a simple robotic base...

Now whilst looking at other items of interest I found a company that is building a steam powered robot toy, which should be released this year. Strenco toys posted a video of the robot walking around on a table top, it moves REALLY slow but for some reason I still want one. Hopefully that urge will pass, as I'm sure the price tag attached is scary! Check out the video below.

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